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Lisa Fuhr “As a person interested in politics, Cyprus fascinated me from the beginning, including the unique situation of a divided land and its ambivalence. Especially in view of current developments of nation states in Europe, I am deeply interested in the feelings of people against the backdrop of political events.” Lisa Fuhr earned an M.A. in English Literature and worked for the Goethe Institute for twelve years in various functions, including culture coordinator in Mexico City. She later freelanced on projects in the area of culture and language, including translations for film and television, and various photo projects in southern Italy, Mexico, and Georgia.


2005 – Mein Laden – mein Leben (My Shop – My Life) was published by München-Verlag: portraits of 21 Munich shopkeepers
2014 – Three years of research and travelling to Georgia culminated in Tbilisi – Life in a New Era. 34 Portraits. icon Verlag.

Georgia has witnessed dramatic changes since the fall of the Soviet Union. In the early 90s it was regarded as a “failed state”, unable to provide its citizens with either reliable infrastructure, such as electricity and water or, at the minimum, a secure livelihood. These times of severe deprivation exacerbated by war and displacement were followed by periods of economic growth. The fight against everyday corruption and crime won, and Georgia set out on the road towards civil society.

All book publications were accompanied by photo exhibitions
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Klaus Hillenbrand

Klaus Hillenbrand is a senior editor at taz, die tageszeitung, a renowned national German daily newspaper. In 1984/85 and 1989/90, he worked as a freelance journalist in Cyprus. He continues to visit the island on a regular basis and is also the commentator for the taz on events and developments in Cyprus. In his comprehensive preface to this book, he outlines the developments that have shaped this island and Cypriots today. Hillenbrand is the author of several books, including Ethnische Konflikte im urbanen Raum: Das Beispiel Nikosia (Berlin 1994), Cypern: Aphrodites geteilte Insel (Munich 1990), and numerous non-fiction books on the Nazi period and the persecution of Jews. Klaus Hillenbrand lives in Berlin.